Mika Mitchell

Owner of Mika Ellen // Stills + Motion

I had always dreamed of being a traveling photographer when I was younger, never realizing this could be a reality in my future. I began taking pictures and making videos regularly when I was on staff at a church camp in the Rocky Mountains. My passion to capture a moment and to share with others began to grow when I was at this camp.

I attended Dallas Baptist University for my bachelor's and master's degrees.
I was offered to begin a new position on campus as the video producer for the athletic program. My passion for making videos began to grow even more and this is where I began seeking out my own style of videography.

After graduation, I went on to become a freelance videographer. Many people advised me to get a full time job, but the rise of creative photos + video was in high demand, so I took a risk and started my own freelancing business --

Mika Ellen // stills + motion.

Check out some of the stories and highlight videos on my page and I would love to connect with you and tell your story!